Welcome to my site. I’m Marlou Jasmin Madrio, I’m an Electronics Engineer as well as a Microsoft Certified IT Professional working for the biggest IT and Telecommunications’ firm here in Singapore. I came to Singapore for work way back 2008 July, at that time my dad was sick and dying and somehow I had to help him. I decided to turn my life around, leave a promising career in Siemens Philippines and venture to Singapore to practice my profession here and be able to send money back home.

Sadly, a week before I reported for work at Creative Technologies Pte Ltd., my dad passed away. Now I work here for the sole purpose of providing for my mom who means the world to me. I have given up all of my tomorrows for her todays. I strive day by day to hone my craft in pursuit of new and wonderful things in IT and Telecommunications.

In 2009, I was just a visitor at NCS Pte Ltd., working for ACP e-Solutions as a Linux / Windows Server 2003 | 2008 System Administrator for Content Management and Learning Management Systems. I was impressed by the company that I really wanted to join NCS Pte Ltd. Less than a year after, I found myself being employed by NCS Pte Ltd., deployed at Clementi Town Secondary School as an ICT Executive reporting to the Head of IT Department in charge of the operations of the school’s ICT Facilities where I was able to meet a lot of people coming from different backgrounds and expertise from the academe.

I enjoyed my stay there and I still continue to visit almost every saturday working on an Open Source ICT project with my friend and colleague Mr Hang Tee Wee. Nowadays, I handle MS Server 2008 r2 App-V for MOE Schools here in Singapore but I still always find time for my pursuits with Open Source and Linux on weekends.

  1. This just struck me Marlou. I will ring you sometime

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