My Linux Server

My Ultra Low Power Core i3 2120T SFF CentOS Linux 6.2 Apache WebServer

This is my Ultra Low Power Intel Core i3 2120T Small Form Factor CentOS Linux 6.2 Apache WebServer running on an AsRock Z68 Chipset Motherboard with 8 GB DDR3 ram (upgradeable to 16GB) that I built last month for the purpose of running 24 hours a day as my main Open Source Web Development Production Server that will host among other things my iWebsite, Drupal e-Commerce Site, Joomla, phpBB, WordPress as well as Moodle. While doing all that, from its internet facing front end, at the back end, this will also be an SMB server which I plan to drop in 1 unit 3.5 inch 4TB WD Green HDD which I project will already be available by December 2012 here in Singapore. I would also drop in 2 units 2.5 inch 1.5 TB WD Scorpio Blue HDD which I will configure as Raid Zero which would store my ever growing files. I plan to upgrade the existing 2.5 inch WD Scorpio Black 500 GB HDD to an Intel 520 series 120 GB SSD which would be more than enough to host my Open Source Web Applications and re-purpose my 2.5 inch WD Scorpio Black 500 GB HDD for my MS Server 2008 r2 Development Server which I intend to run Active Directory Services, IAS Radius Server, File Server and IIS. 

Above is the motherboard I chose since I originally inteded to use this as an energy efficient HTPC in lieu of the Popcorn Hour Set Top Box C-200 since Syabas released a new version and it was still unavailable here in Singapore. But the temptation to make this as an energy efficient Web Server was so great and I succumed to deploy it as such.

Intel Core i3 2120T Quad Core Processor

Above is what is at the heart of my new server. It is quite difficult to order here in Singapore but I’ve managed to get one. Patience really yields to good stuff. 

Above is a screenshot of the management console of my server using Webmin.

Below are detailed information about my very cool SFF casing with energy efficient power supply.

IN WIN BM 561 details p1


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